Don't Throw Out the Old, Just Add the New! 

PrimeVoice can engineer your existing phone system to incorporate new cloud based features without disturbing your existing phones or phone system.

Available Cloud based features

  • Web Based Manager Portal
    • Control all your advanced features via secure web based manager portal
    • Access from any web browser anywhere anytime
  • Auto Attendant
    • Customers can select for themselves
    • example: dial 2 for sales, dial 4 for support, dial 6 for billing
  • Call Queue
    • Customers are placed in queue and answered by the next associate
    • Customers are offered the option to leave a voice mail for call back
  • Conference Bridge
    • Your associates can have group meetings anytime without reservation
    • Invite customers to join you for training or trouble shooting conferences
    • Customers can log into informational seminars 
  • Voice Mail
    • Your existing system might not have voice mail - adding it is easy per extension
    • Customers can hear a message that highlights your business
    • Control voice mail remotely via web management portal
    • Voice mail to email - never miss a call again  
  • Music on Hold
    • Upload your favorite music to put customers in the mood when you answer
    • Use specially recorded marketing messages that change with the season
  • Call routing
    • Route individual extensions based on rules that you control
  • Cell Phone integration
    • Use your cell phone as an extension with integrated favorites and call history

In addition to all these cloud based advanced features you will also get:

  • Long Distance dialing in continental US and Canada 
  • Local Calling - no zones or restrictions
  • Inbound Toll Free can be added as main listed number
  • Caller ID
  • Inbound roll over without additional phone numbers required
  • Free on-net calling between remote office within the same enterprise
  • Fully redundant and geographically separate call switches in data bunkers
  • Excellent call quality  

What does this all cost?

Because there are so many variables, it is necessary to examine your needs before answering this question. Rest assured, we save most customers 35-45% off their existing bill, and some much more. See our real world pricing examples to get a sense of your monthly bill.

Quality is built into everything we do

Our telephone switches are geographically redundant and our fail over to alternative number is a standard feature. If problems happen locally, like a cable outage (and they always do), we have systems and procedures in place to keep your phones operating. Our engineering staff has over 50 years of experience with VOIP and are happy to lend a hand.

"At PrimeVoice, quality is not an afterthought it is built in from day one." - Mark Davis. Founder