A customer won a large contract to provide outplacement service for a major car company's downsizing, and had to be up and running in 3 weeks. 

35 Sates represented

All outplacement counselor were equipped with cable internet as a basic requirement.  Each counselor was equipped with a PrimeVoice Computer Soft-phone and Headset. Scheduling of each installed was coordinated by the customer and PrimeVoice kept to the schedule. When there were problems with particular counselors home service their install was rescheduled once the issue was cleared.

All 300 counselors phones were completed and the hosted distributed PBX was operational on time.

PrimeVoice later added conference bridge features so daily briefings could be attended by all.

We can do the same for your company 

Every company is unique and we share this rather extreme example to show that if you need 5 lines or 300 or 3,000 PrimeVoice has the experience and engineering know-how to help.

Quality is built into everything we do

Our telephone switches are geographically redundant and our fail over to alternative number is a standard feature. If problems happen locally like a cable outage, and they always do, we have systems and procedures in place to keep your phones operating. Our engineering staff has over 50 years experience with VOIP. 

"At PrimeVoice Quality is not an afterthought it is built in from day one." Mark Davis Founder