PrimeVoice Certifies Vodavi Small Business PBX

PrimeVoice is pleased to announce that PrimeVoice SIP trunks are certified for the Vodavi STS PBX FSX ports. "Our Platform is now certified for this reasonably priced small business PBX system" says Mark Davis, VP of Voice Service.

Vodavi STS PBX 
The Vodavi Starplus STSe system is perfect for small businesses and is loaded with many features previously available only to larger enterprises. Best of all, the packages are modestly priced, making them extremely affordable as well. This Vodavi Starplus STSe kit is ready to handle 4 lines 8 digital and 2 analog stations and expandable to 24 lines 48 digital and 4 analog stations. Additional analog stations can be added by simply reducing the amount of available digital stations on the system.

PrimeVoice SIP Trunks
PrimeVoice SIP trunks work with the Vodavi STS PBX providing dial tone and offering:
1 per business grade Concurrent Call Path, 1 phone number per Concurrent Call Path, and Domestic local and Long Distance; Licenses are sold separately

PrimeVoice SIP Trunks Include

  • Inbound and Outbound Call Routing
  • All US area code DID availability
  • Caller ID
  • Hosted Voicemail per DID available*
  • Inbound busy line rollover
  • Full 911 Support
  • Free on-net calling between locations
  • Fully Redundant Broadsoft Application Servers
  • Supports SIP G.711 and G.729
  • Network Unavailability feature for Network redirect in case of emergency 

* Extra cost option